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À la Carte Systems Management

If you asked a child to name someone connected with McDonalds they would probably say Ronald McDonald.  Ask an adult the same question and it’s not unlikely they’d answer Ray Kroc. Certainly, Kroc, with his mantra of “In business for yourself, but not by yourself”, had a key role in spreading McDonalds throughout the world, but […]


Can buying software save money?

Last updated on February 25th 2011 by Simon Barnes I’m not sure if it is the recession or just a coincidence but over the last year I’ve been asked a number of times to help write Return on Investment (ROI) Studies or Business Cases to try and justify software purchases.  It seems that in the […]


It looks like you’re managing a system. Would you like help?

One of the most demanding problems in software development is designing a single interface to suit all users, from the unversed newbie to the seasoned veteran.  For example, the interface for Microsoft Word has to accommodate all users, from a child writing their first word processed letter to Santa to someone who frets about the difference […]

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