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Welcome to Orb Data’s blogging site

Welcome to Orb Data’s blogging site. On this site you will find a mixture of articles on  technical subjects, opinion pieces and best practices. If there is anything you would like to see us write about feel free to email us at blogs@orb-data.com

Orb Data brings together People, Process and Technology to deliver one of the cornerstones of business success: efficacious management of IT infrastructure. At the heart of our company, are our people. We have unrivalled experience in the issues that relate to the management of IT infrastructure, which has helped us to achieve an enviable reputation for excellence with our customers. Because we’re independent, we don’t mind saying how it is, which can be refreshing in a world of business political correctness. We aim to identify the real issues facing organisations, cut through the industry hype, candidly discuss the merits of the technologies that major vendors bring to the market, and share our ‘know-how’ for the software technologies that our own people are experts in.

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