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Writing a business case for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) projects

In a recent article on BYOD Deloitte said A successful BYOD initiative turns risk into a programme of business enablement. This may be the aim but in reality most BYOD schemes start out of necessity rather than because they are seeking business value. However like most IT initiatives a business case should proceed the official […]

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Business value of ITSM – Part 2

In my earlier post about linking Projects to Business Value I talked about my 5 simple rules to ensure that the technical deliverables from projects achieve the ROI anticipated in the Business Case. I wanted to expand on the theme a little, and talk about how we’ve applied the principles to a number of IT Service Management […]

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How to deliver real Business value from IT Service Management Projects?

In the current, increasingly competitive business environment and consequential reducing margins, almost every industry sector is being forced to aggressively control costs. As a result, the days of unlimited IT budgets and painless project justifications are nothing more than a long distant memory. Against this backdrop, Managers and Project Leaders are subjected to ever increasing […]

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TEC to OMNIbus: The business case for migration

I’ve converted a presentation I gave at the TTEC in Prague into a whitepaper which is available to download now. Read the whitepaper:  TEC to OMNIbus The business case for migration

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Can buying software save money?

Last updated on February 25th 2011 by Simon Barnes I’m not sure if it is the recession or just a coincidence but over the last year I’ve been asked a number of times to help write Return on Investment (ROI) Studies or Business Cases to try and justify software purchases.  It seems that in the […]