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Nagios SMS and Voice alert notifications

Is your Nagios renewal coming up? Let us quote and we will guarantee to  beat your normal price. Take a look here to get an initial quote without any sales interaction. I have recently been asked to review the options for SMS/Voice notifications that can be integrated into a customer’s Nagios environment. Whilst there are […]

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Writing a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Policy

One of the most important aspects of any BYOD project is writing the policy document.This blog offers a BYOD policy template to get you started and provides some simple pointers to ensure your policy document fits your needs. Download the free Orb Data BYOD Policy Template   A BYOD policy affects more than just the […]

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Custom Monitoring with IBM Tivoli Monitoring Agent Builder

A frequent element of my ITM orientated customer engagements is a bespoke monitoring or integration requirement, typically for an in-house developed application or 3rd-party tool.  Historically that would have meant cranking out the Universal Agent and the rather daunting task of constructing one or more meta files.  Fortunately the ITM Agent Builder has all but […]

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How to move up ITIL’s Data-Information-Knowledge-Wisdom DIKW structure

In my earlier ITIL articles I’ve talked a little about Configuration Management, CMDBs, discovery tools and the Service Knowledge Management System (SKMS). Knowledge Management may not be one of the processes that immediately spring to mind when you think about ITIL, but it’s actually pretty important when it comes to improving the quality of your Service Delivery […]

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Writing a business case for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) projects

In a recent article on BYOD Deloitte said A successful BYOD initiative turns risk into a programme of business enablement. This may be the aim but in reality most BYOD schemes start out of necessity rather than because they are seeking business value. However like most IT initiatives a business case should proceed the official […]

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Can IBM Endpoint Manager (IEM) help me become compliant with the Payments Cards Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS)?

Over the last few months a lot of customers seem to be asking me the same question, “Can IBM Endpoint Manager help me become PCI compliant? Well, the answer is not a straight yes or no, but it can help you maintain compliance to significant parts of the PCI DSS standard. What is PCI compliance? […]

What are the tax implications of a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) scheme?

Bring Your own Device (BYOD) schemes are all the same? Right? Well no not really. There are essentially 2 different types of scheme. The first type is where an organisation lets their employees or students bring their laptops or (more likely) mobile devices to work or college and allows them to attach to the corporate […]

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What has ITM ever done for us?

I was in the Orb data office the other day and had a conversation with some Orb Data colleagues about Performance and Application Monitoring and one of them (let’s call him Miles) was wondering why companies would buy a product such as IBM Tivoli Monitoring (ITM) as opposed to Nagios or other similar open source […]

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Can Predictive Analytics really predict the future?

I’ve just read an excellent book by Robert Harris called the Fear Index. In the book a computer scientist called Dr Alex Hoffmann has developed a revolutionary form of artificial intelligence that tracks human emotions via internet news feeds , enabling it to predict movements in the financial markets with uncanny accuracy. In the story […]

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Software Licensing Dangers in a Virtualised World

IBM currently uses over 10 metrics to license its Tivoli software. This alone might make keeping track of your licenses difficult enough but with the advent of Virtualisation this can make your licensing a full time job. If you take the following simple example you can see the issue. In this case a customer has […]

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